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teenagers of friday night lights

..because they're just all so damn complicated

Teenagers of Friday Night Lights
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Matt. Tyra. Landry. Lyla. Jason. Julie. Smash. Tim.

The Ship List:
Jason/Lyla - Jyla
Tim/Lyla - Tyla
Matt/Julie - JMatt
Tim/Tyra - Timyra
Jason/Tyra - Jyra
Smash/Tyra - Tyrash
Tim/Julie - Timlie

Welcome to fnl_teens, the first community dedicated to all of the teenage characters/ships from NBC's Friday Night Lights. So, if you're a fan of our favorite young cast, then don't forget to join up ;)

-You are more than welcome to discuss the actors, characters, any of the ships *even a possible ship*, episodes, livejournal icons, graphic, fanfiction, or the show in general. That's all allowed and encouraged. Spoilers are also allowed, but please put them behind a cut. Some people don't like to be spoiled and they're really easily to accidently see, lol.
-No fighting or bashing other members. Be civil. Discussion is encouraged, but in a constructive way.
-For new members: introduce yourself in a post so that everyone knows you're here.
-Have fun :)